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Tom Petit, Ph.D. and Ruthie Petit, M.S., M.A., Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselors and State Qualified Counseling Supervisors,  are credentialed as Nationally Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselors and Board Certified Coaches. 
As the the Founder and Director of the Counseling Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, he offers individual, couple and family counseling. Mood disorders including anxiety, depression, anger management as well as eating disorders, addictions, trauma and transitions, are specialties. A holistic wellness focus, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally undergird his work.  During his 30 years of private practice, Dr. Petit has developed a way of helping that gives individuals, couples and families practical help for living according to their unique design. 

Dr. Petit is a Certified Addictions Professional.  He offers short-term outpatient intensive and long-term follow up counseling, addressing the personal and spiritual aspects of an addiction. His model of counseling provides understanding for individuals on the journey to sobriety and addiction free living.  The family, impacted by addiction, is also a specialty as parents, spouses, significant others and friends seek to be positive responders. 

As a Certified Trauma Specialist, Dr. Petit offers Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in his practice for those suffering with the effects of what life brings our way. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. Some experience a devastating event that brings debilitating emotions and feels stifling.  Others, over the course of time, experience a build-up of what can be brought in life, a series of losses, relational tearing apart, the impact of a car accident with an injury that limits former health, repeated job losses and financial stress, moving through a difficult past with circumstances almost too weighty for a youth to bear, can all add up to a larger picture of trauma.   Effective for treating panic attacks, performance anxiety, phobias, stress reduction, disturbing memories, complicated grief, PTSD and events that bring personal, familial, and corporate trauma.

Ruthie Petit, M.S., M.A. is a Board Certified Coach practicing as a Life Coach and implementing the Wellness portion of the practice which incorporates the highly successful SHAPE ReClaimed Wellness and Weight Loss Protocol.  Link to www.SHAPEReClaimed.com for more information.  Ruthie's background includes Masters degree with concentration in Physiology of Exercise and graduate degree in Counseling.  Her practice includes telecommunication sessions (FaceTime, SKYPE) for total wellness in concert with the SHAPE ReClaimed product.  For information, visit www.SHAPEReClaimed.com. She also works as a Life Coach for women by appointment, telecommunications, and phone sessions. Women often struggle with transitions and stages in life and questions of value, worth, and feelings of emptiness emerge.   Ruthie focuses in helping women of all ages answer the questions:  "Who am I?" and "What is my worth?" and "How do I build or rebuild after loss?"  

Dr. Tom and Ruthie Petit have been married 36 years and live in the Tampa Bay area.  They have two adult children.

Dr. Tom Petit 

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