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Dr. Petit's help literally saved our marriage.  We were one step away from calling it quits.  He was able to sort through all the surface "stuff" to help us see what we really wanted.  We still struggle and come back in every once and a while, but we've decided to reach out for more with each other and it is the best investment of our 21 years together.

A friend recommended Dr. Petit to me just after our daughter was in a horrible car accident one summer and began struggling with panic attacks, not just when driving.  He helped her to deal with her fears and the tragedy in a way that helped her return to college.  She talked to him in phone sessions when needed and told me he helped her with some test anxiety as well.  Without his help, I don't think she would have been able to finish her senior year as strongly.

I made some choices that almost ruined my marriage and seeing myself through the marriage diagrams, that I am a strong "oak" to support my family helped me to seek forgiveness and live as the man I was intended to be for my family.  There are still a lot of weeds growing in my life, but I know how to see them and pull them up a lot quicker.  We now have a little guy who I am more confident to be a father for.  Thank you Dr. Petit for helping me get my life back on track.  

Dr. Tom.  You were there when I went through some of the darkest times of my life.  I thought I was not going to make it through.  You listen, really listen, and when you talk, you have just the right words to give me what I needed to do the next thing.  From crying all the time and not knowing why, to crying about things that matter, I can see light again and even though I still struggle, I know I will make it.  

Doc.  When the doctor at the clinic where I was detoxed said I had "soul pain" and that I was using to take care of that, I really didn't believe him.  But, since I determined to do whatever it took to get back to who I was, I set up the time with you.  You know I was a tough guy, lots of anger.  I don't know how you did it, but the way you looked at my life made me feel good about me, even in all the junk.  

Dr. Tom.  This is a copy of my graduation announcement.  When I started back after being away from school for so long, my neighbor suggested I talk with you.  You know how confused I was going back after so long and you were so helpful to give the the test that showed my ideas were good ones.  Thank you for being patient and listening to what I said enough to help.

Dr. Petit, thank you for helping me through this rough spot in my life.  I never knew going through the teen years could be so hard.  If it wasn't for your help, I don't know where I'd be.  I have been able to continue to use so many of the things you told me and it has helped me go through some of the scarey times.  It is so helpful to know someone who can be of help to families in crisis during these times.  

Tom.  Feel free to use this in any way you feel will help your clients.  When I first talked with you about the abuse in my background, you just noted it and waited for me to get up the courage to talk.  I know it took a while, but I always felt so respected by you and it helped me to respect myself.  I felt so powerless and also angry.  You helped me to see who I really am and understand that there are calm places.  The EMDR was something that has been so helpful for me to deal with the wrong things I grabbed on to.  But, I think your wise way of helping is what meant the most to me.

Dr. Petit, after being grounded for struggles with anxiety, your help with EMDR and Rapid Resolution got me back in the air.  Thank you.